February 03, 2013

The Perfect Storm

We are under a heavy snowfall warning today with 20 to 40 cm forecast!
It is, for our family, a perfect day for a snowstorm. No one has to drive to work. There are no high winds to result in possible power outages. The snow is falling softly and prettily. I have a British mystery series on DVD home from the library. There's lots to read. Nora loves the snow and will gambol about happily if we want to shovel a little from time to time to get some exercise and fresh air.
And there's plenty of knitting to do!

Pattern: October Socks
Designer: Mary Henniger
Yarn: Cascade Heritage
Color: 5604
Needles: Circular - 2.5mm for the stranded section and 2.25mm for the remainder of the sock
I have almost finished the October socks - just a third of the foot to complete on the second sock. It is a pleasing pattern and fun to knit but I am not completely happy with my finish work. The stranded area looked fine as I was weaving in the ends but when I finished, I didn't think that area looked as polished as a more experienced stranded knitter's would. Hopefully, the second sock will have a neater appearance in that section. Practice makes perfect.
I would highly recommend the pattern for someone who wants to experiment with stranded sock knitting. The stranded area is relatively small and very little additional yarn is required for the color work. Because the remainder of the sock is ribbed, fit is not a problem. Knitters often struggle with flexibility and stretch with a totally stranded sock design.
And also on the go:

Pattern: Waffle Rib
Designer: Charlene Schurch (Sensational Knitted Socks)
Yarn: Cascade Heritage
Color: 5651
Needles: Circular - 2.25 mm

This is a pair of socks that I am making for my sister on the other side of Canada . She lives on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia. While I am on one coast knitting, gardening and walking, she has, on the other coast (despite being five years older), embarked on a couple of years of study to become a deacon of the Anglican church. I have no end of admiration for her.

And although she doesn't have the time or inclination to do any sock knitting herself these days, I credit her for getting me started. Just when I began knitting again after an absence of a couple of decades, (and, oh, how I mourn the time lost now!), she sent me a lovely pair of socks that she had knit. And instructions for a new-fangled way of doing it - on two circular needles. I had never heard of such a thing!! I struggled over and over again with the instructions - trying to figure out how that initial join was made to form a circle. Now, dozens and dozens of pairs of socks later, I have her to thank for the comforting rhythm of sock knitting and the feeling of satisfaction after having produced something so warm and practical.

She has requested baby blue socks with reinforced heels. Since I didn't have reinforcing thread in a color that would blend in well, I knit a Partridge Eye heel for greater strength and durability.


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Melissa said...

What a remarkable family--you and your sister(s), Hadley and Rachael!