February 17, 2013

Another Connection To France

As much as I love our Nova Scotia pottery pieces, this is my favourite vase of all time. It is so smooth and simple, and so very pleasing.
Over five years ago, we stayed in Ronce les Bains, on the west coast of France. Shortly after arriving, on a blazing hot June day, Sophie took me out into the countryside to an area of yard sales stretching along both sides of the road.
Sophie is very small, very capable, very efficient, and takes charge of any situation in quietly matter-of-fact and competent manner.
She rummaged through the antique linens, bartered over the price of table cloths, examined crystal to see if it was worth the buy, made recommendations, and generally guided me along with her expertise. We came back with a couple of antique table cloths, a small table cover, and I found this vase for only two Euros (!) and fell in love immediately with its blue and white swirls and smooth simplicity. On the bottom, there is an inscription in the clay:
Tout hiér sur boëme
I am not sure how this logically translates beyond "all of yesterdays"...

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