January 20, 2013

Neutrals Are Like Comfort Food

Left: Cascade Heritage - Color 5610 (camel)
Center: Opal - Color 5191 (anthracite)
Right: Cascade Heritage - Color 5618 (snow)
After Nora's training class this afternoon, I went to Dartmouth Yarns - a small store on Queen Street that has a lovely selection of yarns. I wanted to stock up on solid colors of sock yarn - either to use alone or in knitting stranded patterns.

And I found these three lovely neutrals.

Vibrant colors are fun and pastels are charming. But there is something soothing and peaceful and serene about earth tones. I think that is why I can never stay on Brooklyn Tweed's blog site for more than a minute or two. Although he sometimes uses deep colors, he most often displays his garments in earth tones -and it always evokes in me an urge to knit immediately!

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Melanie said...

Hi Rose,
your Blog is beautiful.And the yarns that you bought are great. Happy knitting!!