December 18, 2012

Nora Is Growing Up

(All Photos of Nora Courtesy of Brittany Ernst)

I have had several requests to post more pictures of Nora. We are constantly taking photos but, unfortunately, most of them are not great as it is difficult to capture a moving target!
Nora is growing up. She no longer looks like a baby. Instead, she looks like a miniature Golden Retriever! Turns out she was the largest pup in the litter and we think she is going to be a big girl.
And today, Nora received her very first Christmas gift - a wonderful bundle of bones, rawhide, biscuits, and pretty pink poo bags so thoughtfully and beautifully packaged by Brittany at Woobie's Doggy Daycare. Brittany is marvelous. Her daycare is spotless and the dogs are either outside in a pristine, fenced off area, or in the large, open basement, or sometimes - Nora!- snuggling up next to Brittany on the sofa!
Brittany owns two Australian Shepherds and her parents own Nora's brother, Ralphie. We have been taking Nora to Brittany one or two days a week to help her socialize with other dogs and we have seen a huge improvement in how she interacts with other pups.
Nora Living The Good Life at Woobie's Doggy Daycare!


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Melissa said...

Thank you for the beautiful picture of Ms. Nora. She's grown so much (as dogs are wont to do) and has such beautiful big, dark eyes! She still looks like a puppy--just a big puppy.