December 27, 2012

A Few Of Our Favourite Things

The Christmas tree is always in the dining room so we can enjoy the fairy lights at every meal.
Movita's Awesome Yule Log
A Family Tradition - Ice Cream Snowballs

Melissa's Beautiful Treat Bag for Puppy Nora
Ornaments Old and New
Lucy Darling's Beautiful Handmade Green and Gold Ornament
One of Six White Angel Gabriels Who Are Well Over Sixty Years Old!

Cheryl's Traditional Orange/Clove Candle
Beautiful Antique Table Linens Sent From France
Truly, truly precious - a key chain and a brooch handmade by Lucy and Apolline in France
The Dunkleys had a wonderful book made about our woodland garden and sent it to us for Christmas. They have pictures from just about every aspect of the property, summer and winter. It is a lovely publication and we are so appreciative of the time and effort it took to produce it. The garden has taken many hours of hard work to develop but it has also been a source of enjoyment, a creative outlet, and this book reflects the love and respect for nature that motivated us.
A unique and imaginative gift - from our children and their partners.
This is a CSA (Community Sustained Agriculture) voucher, which will give us a box of fresh produce every week from a Nova Scotia farm. This is really much appreciated as we are great believers in whole foods and great supporters of both our own provincial farmers and crafts people. Making it even more special is the fact the food will come from Ironwood Farm . We have never met Rupert but Heather from Ironwood is a person who has always been dear to our hearts.
AND an entire box of treats from Ronce les Bains and Normandy!!
How lucky are we?! A gorgeous scarf, an agenda book, French cookies and candies, a gadget for taking air from a wine bottle before corking and 
                                                            A Treat Ball For Nora
A clever little device to insert in the top of a lemon.
When the lemon is squeezed, the juice comes out the holes in the spout!!
We want to thank our family and friends for their generosity, imagination and creativity, and, most of all, most important of all, the comradeship that enhances and enriches our lives.



ironwoodfarm said...

What a beautiful setting, with such treasures to enjoy. Did Nora behave with the tree?

Wishing you all the best in 2013...perhaps you'll make it to the farm? (3 lambs born on Christmas Day!)xo

Rosie Beaucoup said...

Nora didn't bother the tree at all. Such a good puppy! But she did always want to curl up under the tree in the far corner. And because she is such a big puppy, the tree shook and shivered every time she stood up to come out!!