August 21, 2012

Coastal Hike

Saturday was forecast to be another very warm, humid day so we set out with friends around mid-morning for the seaside village of Prospect to hike the coast.

When we arrived, there was not only thick fog, but it was already very warm. We realized that we were not going to be completing as long a walk as we might have managed on a cooler day.

There is a haunting beauty to this Maritime, fog shrouded landscape.

Only ducks and cormorants along the way.

Bypassing a boggy section of pathway, we scrambled up a huge granite ledge and found this inscription on the back of one of the massive granite rocks - a poignant reminder of the number of lives lost off these shores over the centuries.

As we approached the village again on the way home, we came upon a Bouvier des Flandres, leaping into the inlet over and over again to fetch sticks. Hot and sweaty by then, I would have loved to have joined him!

There is a wonderful community spirit in Prospect. Most of the residents will tell you that they couldn't imagine living anywhere else on earth...

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Susan Little, DVM said...

I love seeing the photos you post - I don't get home often enough, and you give me a much needed "fix". Thanks, Susan