August 10, 2012

A Day at the Cottage

We are so very fortunate to have really good friends who welcome us to their cottage each year. And this year, they pulled out all the stops to give our French grandchildren a truly Canadian cottage experience. They had a playhouse ready - made from a large appliance box, complete with a door, two windows, markers for decorating, and two flashlights for nighttime play inside!
There were large, colourful balls for a game of monkey-in-the-middle outdoors. And wee life jackets for canoe rides!

It is so lovely and serene there with a small, private, sandy beach and a glassy lake.

Playing ball in light drizzle

Testing the water (it was very warm)

Even the soft rain early in the day did not keep us inside! It didn't take long for Ms. Muggles to discover the joys of wading in the still water.

And even less time to discard the boots, socks, and pants!

And it is even more fun when Big Sister joins in!

Buckling Up

Getting the canoe ready

The Great Canadian Canoe Ride
(FYI, Ms. Muggles, who was a tad nervous about the idea of getting in the canoe, fell asleep in my arms outside in the fresh air, and was so groggy when the canoe returned that we decided to let her wake up gradually instead of trying to load her in the boat for her turn on the water!)

Waiting for the barbecue to heat up at the same children's picnic table that Daddy used over thirty years ago!

Sand and water play

The end of the day...

Fastened in car seats with pajamas on, good-byes and heartfelt thanks all round. And a long car ride home in the dusk and dark with many versions of Old MacDonald Had a Farm, Bingo, The Wheels on the Bus, Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed, Miss Polly Had A Dolly - all sung with great gusto!

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