February 14, 2012

Below Stairs

Progress is a bit slow but the room is starting to take on a character of its own. This week, we added a new Chobi area rug. It is identical to the one in the upstairs sitting area. Most people probably wouldn't buy two identical rugs but it does such a good job at prettily lifting the spirit of a room that we just couldn't resist.
The loveseat is going to be replaced with a dark brown leather sofa. We were on the brink of putting in an order for a couple of comfy single chairs when we got a call to say that the upholstery fabric had been discontinued so we have to go back and thumb through the samples again. And we are on the lookout for a nice table to put in the lower half of the room so we can gather to play cards and board games or work on projects. Maybe Movita will come and hold a workshop on white felt wreaths!

The eight drawer dresser is a brilliant piece of furniture for storing yarn and ribbon in the set of drawers on one side and hats, mitts, and scarves on the other.


The Best Coleslaw Ever

I got the recipe for Classic Creamy Coleslaw from the Martha Stewart website. I made a couple of adjustments. I didn't have sour cream in the house that hadn't passed its expiry date so I substituted Greek yogurt. I deleted the lemon juice as the cider vinegar was sharp enough. And added a dash of celery seed and a dash of dried dill. It's worth trying.

In terms of knitting, I have a terrible case of Startitis. I usually only have one or two projects on the go at any one time. This month, I have six and not making significant progress on any of them!

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