February 06, 2012

Antique Shop Find

On Saturday, we went to the Annapolis Valley. We had a number of stops to make in the area and, along the way, noticed an antique store and decided to take a look inside. There were a lot of interesting pieces but most were too primitive or rustic for this house. But there was a large glass jar in a side room calling out to me...

Complete with a number of old glass ornaments inside!

After a good cleaning in hot, soapy water, it was given a new storage job for the next twenty years or so of its life. The yarn inside is from Gaspereau Valley Fibres. It is Nature Spun Sport - a lovely wool that is perfect for making stranded mittens, hats, etc. 

And I have spent so much time sorting, unpacking, and setting up the new room that I am progressing very slowly on the stranded work socks:

 Route 66 Socks from Around the World in Knitted Socks

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