January 05, 2012

Transformation Almost Complete

The room before the renovation.

And after...

The workmen have finished, swept the paper-covered maple laminate floors one last time, gathered up their tools, and gone on to another project. The driveway dumpster will be hauled away this afternoon.

Now, it is our turn to roll up our sleeves, paint, and add the fine details - decorative closet knobs, a cushion top for the boot box, wall  hangings, etc.

Since most of my paint chips are in storage, Movita lent me her collection. This colour palette was featured in a C-I-L brochure and I was drawn to it immediately. I used it as a jumping off point for my own colour selection.
This Rona colour (044-31), mixed in Benjamin Moore Aura paint, is for the basement stairwell.
This Behr colour, Divine Pleasure, is mixed in Benjamin Moore Aura paint for all walls of the large room.

Our large green area rug brings the green from the colour palette into the room. We have cranberry throw cushions for red accents.

Another week or two and we can start setting up bookcases and cabinets, chests of drawers, etc. Then it will be time to go back to the rented storage unit and figure out what on earth we are going to do with all the "stuff" that is there!

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