January 30, 2012

The Layering Process

Well, the basement room is finished and the layering process has begun.
Some of the new furniture has been assembled but is not permanently in place.

Accessories are being added slowly - one piece at a time.
Some old friends have resurfaced.
Some are waiting for friends to join them.

And maybe play a game or two...
Thanks to 2.0, who filled in admirably for Adam this weekend, we have the new television set up, connected to a digital box, and doing all the wonderful things it is supposed to do.
Some furniture is on order and old furniture is being used as a stopgap until the new pieces arrive. The room still looks a little cold and bare as the wall hangings are not up yet and the large upholstered items from the upstairs family cannot be moved down until the new furniture for the upstairs space arrives. And the wonderful wool throw that Chamy gave us for Christmas will be smashing on the sofa.  It will be a few more months before I can say it is finally finished. But, even though it is still a work in  progress, we love it.

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