November 05, 2011

Week in Review - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The Good:
I love my new flip mirror (regular on one side and with 8X magnification on the other). It is definitely one of my better purchases! It helps immeasureably when it comes to tweezing eyebrows, applying makeup, and filling wrinkles and cracks with miracle cream.

And it has a light! So first thing in the morning, or last thing at night, it lights the bathroom with a softer, more ambient light than the overhead fixtures. When I picked this one up at Home Outfitters, I noticed that they had wall mounted models as well. I highly recommend them as an addition to any bathrooom.

My new glasses. I've spent the past year with my old glasses on top of my head more than on my face. This new prescription (my nearsightedness has actually improved greatly) is awesome. I love the frames and they are always firmly on my face - except when taking a photo of them ...

Other Really Good Things:

The Pink Princess in France is hungrily learning to do math and read. At four years of age, she is a marvel but, of course, you heard me say that four years ago!

The estimate is in for the basement renovation. It's good. And the estimate for the basement hardwood staircase has arrived. Not quite so good but we knew it would be expensive. The light fixtures (eight pot lights, two semi flush ceiling fixtures, and two wall scones) are being couriered to the house on Tuesday. We expect construction to begin by the end of the month.

We had 49 kids here on Halloween - our largest number in the fourteen years we have been here. The three little boys from two houses away came with their baby sister and made a fuss over Lucy Dog and solemnly told us how their dog, Hunter, is in heaven now and they are still sad and miss her very much.

The Christmas pound cake is made and has been carefully wrapped and stored. I thought about Isabelle all that day.

The window boxes have been emptied, cleaned, spot primed, and filled with perlite. Once the weather really turns cold, they will be filled with evergreens for the winter.

Ms. Cutie's Little Car Coat has been boxed and will soon be on its way to Toronto.

The Bad and The Ugly

I ordered navy blue Jawoll sock yarn (one of my favourites) weeks and weeks ago to knit a pair of socks for a Christmas gift. I got the two balls out this week, and started one, completed the leg section, put it aside, and started the leg of the second sock. Last evening, both legs completed, I had them side by side for the first time and noticed immediately that the navy color is not the same. The vendor sent me two different color numbers with two different dye lots. I lost a week of sock knitting and won't get this particular yarn again in time for Christmas. And the socks were looking so good!

The drapery panels I have been waiting three weeks for arrived from Pottery Barn. Upon opening the package, I discovered that the price quoted was for one panel only! And the color - ivory- was actually more an orangey/sandy/light tan. Yikes! Not a shade I could live with. The panel has to go back. And I am back to square one in my search for a simple, lightweight, semi-opaque, softly draping pair of panels.

And Finally

Winter is coming. The time changes tonight. The bad news is that when the snow flies, there will be more difficult driving in the weeks ahead. The good news is that the landscape will be lovely covered in white.

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