November 28, 2011


We are notoriously bad at making decisions. We have a tendency to over-research everything and we, as they say, over think - big time. My poor brother witnessed the process one day when he and his basset hound dropped in while we were trying to plan a vacation to Britain. We were making calls to various locations in the British Isles, madly reading up on accommodations, changing flight plans, considering the pros and cons of a variety of weather conditions... The poor man - I am sure his head was spinning by the time he left. And we never did fly overseas that week. We made it as far as Toronto. 

After mulling over a variety of house projects for the last couple of years, we finally settled on a basement renovation. Work starts two days from now.

The "Before" Photos

The upper photos show the "room" that runs from the front of the house to the mid-point  and the lower photos show the "room" running from the midpoint to the back side of the house. The load bearing partition will be removed and a 350 pound steel beam installed to make one large room. The back door will open onto a small area of ceramic flooring. There will be a half wall by the door with bookcase style shelving. The rest of the room will have maple laminate flooring. There will be a closet, eight recessed pot lights, and two overhead semi-flush ceiling fixtures (we like LOTS of light), and a cable hookup. The "rustic" staircase to the basement will be replaced with maple hardwood.
We'd like the new room to have a cosy, comfortable seating area around an area rug for watching television and reading, and many bookcases, etc. to hold knitting supplies, reading materials, etc.

A Much Smaller Work In Progress:

The babies keep coming. I''m having a bit of fun here adding stripes to a basic baby cardigan. I may just stripe the sleeves and leave the rest of the sweater white with navy buttons. After so many baby girls, I am counting on one of these newcomers finally being a boy.

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