August 31, 2011

Little Lady in Red Cardi

Pattern: Korrigan
Designer: Solenn Couix-Loarer
Yarn: Malabrigo Sock
Color: Ravelry Red
Needles: Circular, 3.25 mm and 3.5 mm

This is the fourth in the Five Sweaters for Hadley's Babies series. It is a sweet pattern - worked from the top down with the sleeves knit on double pointed needles. The cable design on the yoke adds unique detail. The little pearl buttons don't show up so well in the photo (they look like plain white ones) but they are dainty and make the cardigan look like a" going out for tea with Mum" item of apparel.
I picked up the yarn at Romni Wools in Toronto with my gift certificate from The Girls. It is the first time I have used the Malabrigo Sock and it is really a lovely yarn - far too lovely to wear on the feet!

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movita's sister said...

Love the combination of the cable with the colour pattern. Lucky baby.