August 22, 2011

A Golden Day At Prospect Bay

Yesterday, we set off with the Dunkleys to explore the Chebucto Pennisula. Our first stop was Prospect Bay. The highway leading down to the water was not very inspiring. Then, suddenly, the landscape opened to a vista that featured the heart of the little village perched on the edge of the Mighty Atlantic. It was beautiful and the Dunkleys marveled that so much fuss was made about Peggy's Cove when this gem was not far away and even more beautiful.

It was one of our all too rare days this summer with warm temperatures and golden sunshine. A white tent had been set up between a couple of the houses along the main road and a small number of people were helping to prepare for their annual lobster supper later that day. People were rowing boats in the little inlets, walking, biking, etc. and the overall atmosphere was that of a friendly, happy community. We decided to get out of the car and walk around the little village. 

The locals have a sense of humour!

We went up a side street where come-from-away parking is obviously a problem. We soon realized why as we reached the top of the lane and saw a magnificent granite lined coast and a narrow walking trail that followed the coastline for miles.

Since we were not prepared for a long trek in terms of good walking shoes, additional sunscreen, etc., we only walked about an hour and resolved to do it often in the future.

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