April 10, 2011

Sunday With Sadie

Meet Sadie

After taking only one class in needle felting, Movita Beaucraft has been producing the most adorable sheep. She has a real talent for this type of needle work and I am hoping there are flocks in my future. One of my fantasies over the years has been a property with large windows, lots of light, tons of gardening, and a meadow for a couple of sheep. I have the gardening and pretty good light. Sadie and her friends could be some consolation for the rest in old age!

Good News Sunday

Many of the shells in the glass jar beside Sadie are from France. And this morning we received the wonderful news that half the French branch of the family will be travelling here this summer. Now, obviously, having the whole family would be even more exquisite but life is often, by necessity, full of compromises and we must learn to grab our joy where we can find it.

Sadie Shows  A Pair of Socks

Pattern: Parade
Designer: Judy Kaethler
Yarn: The Loopy Ewe Solid Series
Needles: Circular, 2.25 mm

Parade is a new pattern I purchased on Ravelry last week, shortly after it was posted on the website. I really enjoyed working with it. Like Cookie A's BFF socks, I think it will be one of those classic patterns that you turn to again and again over the years.
And this is also the first time I have used The Loopy Ewe yarn. I like the colors in the series but the yarn was just a little bit splitty and I didn't get as good a stitch definition as with a similar yarn - say, Cascade Heritage Sock yarn, which I would prefer to this one.

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