April 23, 2011

The Easter Table and Tulips

We have a set of beautiful antique napkins that were a gift from our French Family. Here they are on the Easter table.
Now, you know the routine. For the first few years, I take them out of their white tissue paper, admire each one individually, and lay them on the set table. Then, just before the meal is served, I replace them with very nice, prettily colored, common cotton serviettes! I can't bear the thought of gravy or red wine stains on these beautiful linens. Eventually, I will actually use them as they were meant to be used but... not yet.
Can you blame me??

April is an eventful month with Lucy's birthday and Sophie's, Great Aunt Amy's birthday and mine, and a couple of anniversaries. All good reasons for filling the house with tulips.

For the Tale of The Three Birthday Cakes see http://movitabeaucraft.wordpress.com/

April is a promise that May is bound to keep.  - Hal Borland


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movitabeaucraft said...

Um. We didn't even see those French linens in person. They had already been tucked away - before we arrived! (Though, I must say, it didn't take long for the tablecloth to get grimy...)