March 09, 2011

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The Dakota Ottolite

I've been looking for ages for just the right floor lamp to put beside the loveseat where I usually knit and read. I wanted something that would be adjustable in height and direction and cast a clean, white light on my book or needlework at night. Although the rest of the room has great halogen lighting, the loveseat is at right angles to the window and, at night, is in the dimmest part of the room. This floor lamp uses a special ottolite bulb  - horribly expensive but guaranteed to last four or five years ( they know how much knitters knit??). It will be so nice now to work on black dress socks or other dark colors on winter evenings and see every stitch quite clearly.
The Duchess of Windsor said once that you can never be too thin or too rich. I would like to add that you can never have too much light.

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Brenda said...

The light is really nice looking. My Full Spectrum (brand) light broke after just 3 years and the guarantee was for 2 years - and I need to replace it. You are right -light is very important to knitting.