December 16, 2010

Such A Long Journey

Alas, this is not the view from the top of the ferris wheel in Lille or a photo from a walk along the canal in Lambersart. It is a picture taken from a window at the Crowne Plaza Hotel near the Toronto airport!
After waiting two hours for our flight from Halifax to Toronto, Air Canada announced that our plane had mechanical difficulties and we had to wait for another one to come from Toronto to pick us up. In the meantime, our flight to Paris departed from Toronto without us! And they only fly overseas once a day, four days a week. When we finally arrived in Toronto, the ramp didn't connect to the door of the airplane and we had to wait for a technician. They gave us a hotel voucher for the night, small meal vouchers, and sent our luggage down the wrong carousal so everyone waited eons in the wrong place before one of the passengers figured out the problem and alerted everyone else!  Finally laid my head on a hotel pillow at 2 a.m.
Today will be another long day as we have to check out of the hotel by early afternoon but the flight doesn't leave (if it leaves!!!) until 8 p.m.
On a positive note, if you are a knitter, you at least have something constructive and enjoyable to do during the long waits. We spent so much time at the Halifax airport that I made a good start on a sock!

Pattern: Show-Off Stranded Socks
Designer: Anne Campbell
Yarn: Enchanted Knoll Farm Superwash Sock Yarn
Color: Cornucopia
Needles: Circular, 2.25

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