June 24, 2010

Clematis Blooms

This is the first clematis that was planted on the property. I ordered it from Vesey's over a decade ago and was deathly ill with the flu when it arrived from Prince Edward Island. I had spent the entire day on the sofa and could barely raise my head when Adopamop  brought it in - he had picked up the mail on his way home from a summer/university landscaping job. I remember reaching down on the floor to pull it out of the box - a skinny bundle of roots -  and thinking what confidence gardeners have to have in Mother Nature!  
It is not a modest bloomer. It performs lavishly every year with hugely extravagant flowers. In fact, it is unique in that it produces double blossoms in June and single blooms later in August and September. It was well worth the modest investment.

A bud just beginning to open

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