June 01, 2010

Ironwood Farm

I haven't met Mr. Ironwood Farm yet but I have known the Lady Farmer since she was a young teen. Even at that tender age, it was evident that she was the salt of the earth, of the race that knows Joseph, a sterling person, and as a custodian of Eden - a natural.
She plans to raise her own sheep, prepare the fleece, spin and knit her own wool. Could anything sound more heavenly?!
I have also been introduced to Hazel. I am sure that she and Lucy would get along well.

Here's a peek at a corner of paradise right here in Nova Scotia. It is what Eden looked like before Adam and Eve started using pesticides and herbicides:

Ironwood Farm

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heatherjay said...

Some of our students built a gate for the sheep pasture this week, and part of the fence is now up. You'll have to come visit when they are all settled...
You'll appreciate much of the drive on the scenic 215, and we can take you to the lovely wool shop in the village...