April 02, 2010

Good Friday Socks

Pattern: BFF Socks
Designer: Cookie A.
Color: Delft

This was one of the first sock yarns I ordered online when I went back to knitting. For some unfathomable reason, I thought it would be a little more blue and a little less white. Though I love Lisa Souza's yarns, I set it aside because I thought white socks a tad impractical. Now, since this is the year of clearing out the yarn drawer, I settled on the BFF pattern. I think they are just a teeny tad suggestive of Tyrolean socks and really rather pretty.
I highly recommend Lisa Souza's sock yarn. The skeins are a generous 450 yards (411 meters). The yarn feels good in the hand, gives great stitch definition, and Lisa is a darling to deal with - both in my experience and in what I have read online.

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