April 19, 2010

For A Sweet French Baby

Pattern: Garter Yoke Cardi
Designer: Jennifer Hoel
Yarn: Sirdar Snuggly babybamboo
Color: 142

I was yarn shopping on Saturday (LK Yarns in the Halifax Hydrostone and Gaspereau Valley Fibres in the Annapolis Valley). I wanted to get a bright stripey yarn for the yoke of this sweater and a coordinating solid for the remainder of the garment because Maman had requested something along those lines but I couldn't find just the right thing locally in a machine washable combo. I will troll through the Internet and see what I can come up with but, in the meantime, I thought I would like to give this Snuggly bamboo a try. It is very soft and has a sheen that is reminiscent of silk. I've read mixed reviews so we'll see how it performs over time. This will be our own little family research project.

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French Connection said...

Thank you! We love you Rosie Beaucoup.

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