March 08, 2010

A More Successful Endeavor

Movita came over on Sunday for an Indian meal. We had Balti butter chicken, tarka dhal (a new recipe and the best ever!), naan bread - and a white cake with chocolate fudge frosting (definitely not in keeping with the flavors of the Indian subcontinent!). The white cake recipe (from Canadian Living magazine)  has been stowed away in my recipe binder since the early 1970's and probably not made since then!  Although the texture was light and feathery, I was just a tad disappointed in the flavor, which I thought was a bit wishy-washy. Movita suggested adding more vanilla and that might help. The frosting, however, was delicious and I have to get the link to that recipe from Movita, who located and read it out after searching the laptop on the kitchen counter as I assembled ingredients.

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