May 19, 2009

Jack Frost Is Back

Plant: Brunnera macrophylla Jack Frost
Spring is always so late coming to Nova Scotia. It is an agonizingly slow process. The French have had green grass and dandelions since January, for heaven's sake. Adam and Isa have had leaves on their trees, flowers in their garden and plants on their deck for weeks on end. Maybe those in warmer climates get blasé about it all and don't experience the sheer joy of finally being able to glance outside and see green - green on the ground and green overhead.
Someone said once that a garden is hope - hope that what you planted the previous year comes back and hope that you will be still be around to enjoy it! And hope has been rewarded this year with the emergence Jack Frost along the back pathway.
Brunnera is one of the few plants in this climate with true blue flowers and it stays in bloom for weeks on end. Whenever I come upon something blue in the garden, I remember UBC's David Tarrant who was such an excellent host of CBC's the Canadian Gardener and his fondness for blue flowers. And those rare flashes of intense blue are why I can forgive the Blue Jays whatever mischief they are up to out there.

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