May 28, 2009

Artists' Retreat - July 2009

The garden has never been lovelier than this spring. The japonica is in bloom and this afternoon, I received word that Amy (the artsy, russet half of Chamy - aka The Otherfords) is registering for the 2009 Artists' Retreat
There will be a work station in the shade under the trees for stain glass design, cutting, grinding (grinder provided), and assembling. It is, however, required that all work there cease at dusk as, every morning, there have been fresh "foot" prints in that area. Not too big. Not too small. Best be safe.

And a table with trays assembled for morning coffee and afternoon drinks on the south side under the lilacs.
If there is a writer in residence at the same time, no doubt there will be early morning hikes before the work schedule begins - And weekend runs with the dogs on Martinique Beach.
And guest speakers - for instance, the Rutherfords, discussing their current workworking projects and designs.

Also part of the retreat package: Movita, 2.0, Hamachi, and Epicurious Morsels.

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movita said...

Will there be bugs?