August 05, 2008

Time For Change

I always hope that as I grow older, I stay open to change, to new ideas, and always remain eager to acquire new information. I do, however, find it difficult to discard these old friends of the past several years, who have helped me log at least 6 kilometers per day since I started a fitness walking program in April.
They still make my feet spring and my spirits soar as I start off down the driveway each morning (this fitness walk is the very best part of my day!) but, alas, they have, in their old age, developed a squeak - a somewhat shrill and surprisingly loud squeak. I can ignore the noise as I am hooked up to an iPod and trot along to the sounds of Motown but it occurred to me that the squeak may be annoying to all those people still trying, at 6:30 a.m., to sleep beside their open windows. Trust me, it is that loud! Dogs in houses at the top of long driveways start barking as I go by.
So... time to shop. But I doubt I will find friends as loyal and trusty again.
or... hmmmmmmmm...I don't suppose I could oil them...????


movita said...

Thank goodness.

Think of how far we've come in several years. Do you use a walkman anymore? No. You use an ipod. Sneaker technology has been moving as quickly as you do on your power walks. You will find a pair of sneakers that are BETTER than your current, and rather disgusting, friends. Trust me.

Anonymous said...

Gee, I hope the day I turn 35 some new running shoes magically appear. I don't know how exactly that might happen. Power of prayer?

- Anonymous

Anonymous said...

I doubt it, seeing as how none of you will go with Mummy to the choral service on Christmas Eve.

Anonymous said...

God loves atheists. He tells me that every time I'm in an airplane taking off.

- Anonymous Atheist