August 21, 2008

A Thank You To My Design Team

There are 47 knobs in the kitchen. Behind each knob is a drawer or door. Each has to be primed twice on both sides. Three coats of oil paint are then applied to the outside of each component. That's 329 applications of paint. Not counting the base kick plates, the body of the island, and the ends of the upper cabinets. Each application of oil paint requires an overnight dry time.
Rosie Beaucoup has just finished the painting job from hell. I know! I know! The insides still only have two coats of primer. It's clean. It's white.
I want to thank the members of my design support group for their help when I was struggling with a final color choice.
Isabelle was a star performer - she talked about flow between rooms, color coordination, light, and generally took a holistic approach to the problem. I thought she was very fair and impartial in her comments since green is one of her least favourite colors!
Amy, dear Amy, was astute and made a couple of really good points even though I didn't, in the end, take her advice. I loved my green kitchen but the countertops wanted white. And the photos don't do justice to the richness and warmth of White Down from Benjamin Moore.
Heather loves white kitchens, has lived with them for many years, and thought the whte would be great in combination with the dark brown countertops.
Rachael tried to help but the refrain "I like white kitchens" did not make me feel confident that she was taking all factors into consideration.
And Sit on The Fence Hadley in Toronto pointed out that white would be lovely and green would be different and unique.


movita said...

I do like white kitchens - and I said EXACTLY what Heather said. Except I pointed out that the counters are almost black and got in trouble. And I said that white and black (sorry, dark brown) are a classy combination. I think I was very patient. And WHO SET THE DECISION DEADLINE? Cripes, you'd still be trying to pick a colour if it weren't for me... It's called tough love. And you're welcome.

Anonymous said...

I totally picked out that granite.

And Sit on the Fence Dyer