June 03, 2008

Sweetpea and Lucy

Sweetpea is here. Now Lucy has a friend when she comes to visit. Of course, Lucy is a year older so she is the "big girl" - the boss! But with that comes responsibility. She will have to hold Sweetpea in the hammock. And make sure she doesn't get lost in the ferns. And hold her hand on the woodland trails. And make sure she doesn't sit in direct sun when she is eating popsicles. Oh, it will be quite a job. But fun.

I've made a sweater for Sweetpea. The buttons were kindly sent from France by Lucy's other grandmother so Sweetpea also has a French Connection.


movita said...

That sweater is the bomb.

I hope you don't feel guilty about making one for Sweetpea and not me.

Anonymous said...

I hope you don't feel guilty that your oldest child was not required to take any of these responsibilities for her younger siblings.

- Anonymous