January 06, 2015

Lastly, A Few Of The Souvenirs From A French Christmas

A gorgeous blue Murano glass bracelet that Isa and Adam purchased in Italy


Thierry's mother's most delicious pate

A beautiful handmade, embroidered needle case from Sophie and Jean Paul

A bird from Sophie for our Christmas tree collection

A piece of vintage linen from Sophie's sister

Beautifully sewn bags from Sophie's sister, Armide, with drawstrings in the same color as the inner lining.

Favourite chocolates from Normandy

A great foldup, lined knitting needle case, expertly sewn by Sophie

Handmade flowers from a special September wedding (Cecile and Thierry) in Normandy

And very special bookmarks made by Lucy and Apolline for their Canadian grandmother


Melissa said...

What beautiful presents--so thoughtful and so French!

Sophie said...

ce fut une grande joie et un vrai plaisir de recevoir la famille canadienne et nous espérons recommencer ces prochaines années