July 07, 2014

Waffle Creams Anyone?

Pattern: Waffle Creams
Designer: Anne Hanson
Yarn: Cascade Heritage
Colour: 5660
Needles: Circular - 2.25 mm
I really enjoyed knitting these socks. Anne Hanson is an extremely talented designer.The design and the type of yarn came together to produce a very soft, cushy, comfortable sock with an elegant look.


Brenda said...

Love the color and the pattern on these socks! Do you use the magic loop method or DPN's when knitting socks? I would love to make this pattern but always find it difficult to convert from pattern written for DPN's to using one circular needle.

Rosie Beaucoup said...

Thanks, Brenda. I always use two circulars. When the leg is complete, (half the stitches on one needle, half on the other), the heel flap is done on one circular needle while the other needle holds the remaining stitches for the top of the foot. I do all patterns this way and, once you get your head around it, there is no problem regardless of what style needle the pattern calls for.

Brenda said...

Thanks for the clear explanation Rosie. I think I will try this pattern using the magic loop ( one circular) and see how I make out. After all it's only knitting and I can always rip it and start over using the two circulars.