October 03, 2013

A Purl of a Gurl

Look what arrived in the mail today!
A surprise package from Melissa, in Toronto, who asked her brother to pick this up when he was in New York.

 I have never been to New York. We sometimes talk about going and if we went, I would surely go to Purl Soho. They have such a lovely website. The colours they use, the yarns and other materials, the projects they feature, the beautiful photography, all make you want to stop whatever you are doing and work on whatever they are highlighting that day

And just last week, I was lamenting that I did not have a good bag, just the right size, for carrying my knitting projects around! Grocery bags do nothing to enhance your creativity. Now I can tote my work in style.
Thank you so much, Melissa. Your thoughtfulness is appreciated even more than the lovely bag itself. And thanks to Derek for making a side trip!


movita beaucoup said...

Cut it out, Melissa. You're makin' her real kids look bad.

Melissa said...


My absolute pleasure! It's thrilling to find someone
as giddy about Purl Soho as I am. I have a sister bag here in Toronto that I use for my sewing projects, most
recently a market tote and a drawstring bag!