April 14, 2013

Just Ducky

Duck Eggs
Nora attends the Leitash dog obedience course every Sunday. She is in the second level of the program now and we are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel! Besides training dogs (and he has even trained them to appear in films!), Bob Ottenbrite operates a free range farm in South Rawdon. When he has enough fresh, free range eggs, he brings them to class and I buy them whenever possible. Today, he had duck eggs! We have never had duck eggs so I thought it would be interesting to eat and bake with them in the coming week.

Lucy's Striped and Ruffled Bolero
I had enough white Ultra Pima cotton leftover from Apolline's little sweater to make something else if I could lay my hands on a second ball of cotton. In the back of the yarn drawer, I found a six year old ball of now discontinued Sirdar Breeze. It was one of the first yarns I bought when I learned that Lucy was on her way into the world. That news motivated me to go back to knitting!
I would not do the pattern again in stripes. I slipped the first stitch of every round, and between that and the color changes, the seams were very difficult to sew together nicely. I struggled endlessly to get a nice, finished look.
Also, the pattern called for a lace border to be knit separately and sewn into place. I did not want to do that, given the difficulties I was already having with the regular seams, so I picked up the stitches around the edges and made the same ruffled border as I did for Apolline.
The little bolero is very short and meant to be worn as an accent piece with a tshirt or sundress.
Pattern: Boleros 1308 Sirdar
Yarn: Cascade Ultra Pima (white - 3728) and Sirdar Breeze DK (pink)
Needles: Circular - 4.5 mm. and 3.75 mm.
Cascade Ultra Pima - 3748
Heather, at Have A Yarn, ordered in some Ultra Pima for me in the same color as the Bouton D'Or yarn I used to make a little Sweet Peasy cardigan for Lucy. I am sure it is too small for her now and ready for Little Sister to take over. This weekend, I cast on a second gold Peasy in a larger size with this lovely yarn.

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movita's sister said...

Lucy will approve. She thought the white sweater was far too fine a gift for her grungy little sister.