September 27, 2012

A Puppy Shower For Nora

Himself has the good fortune to be surrounded at the office each day by just the greatest team of people. They are all wonderful to work with and make his job so much easier. Their assistance so often goes far beyond the call of duty and, over the years, our entire family has benefited from their kindness and consideration. Late this afternoon, they told him he was needed in the library, where he discovered, on the table, a cake and bags full of gifts for little Nora!

  Now, isn't this a lucky puppy!
 Retriever Instincts - Nora finds a stuffed mallard duck!
Nora, a biscuit treat, and her new cow.
These gifts bags are full of cards, dog food, biscuits, kibble treats, a ball, toys, poop disposal bags and even a bag dispenser. Surely no puppy has had a warmer welcome. Nora has spent the evening in puppy heaven!

1 comment:

Melissa said...

Dear family-

I'm not surprised by the love Nora has received--she is the lucky recipient of all the goodness you've put out into the world!


p.s. Keep the pictures coming!