July 24, 2012

Alsace Trip - Strasbourg

We really liked the city of Strasbourg. We stayed at the Hotel du Dragon, a small, comfortable, clean and pleasant hotel with a breakfast room and great service.

In the Petite France section of Strasbourg

Strasbourg is an easy city to walk around. There are many restaurants serving traditional Alsatian food and the occasional Asian, Italian, etc. restaurant as well. The Petite France area of the city is popular because of the architecture, great eateries, and ancient towers.

Waterside restaurant

One of the many Strasbourg bridges

We took a boat tour, which was pleasant, and gave a good overview of the city, but the narrative was not as good as we have experienced in Amsterdam or London or Bruge.

Cave Historique des Hospices de Strasbourg

We stopped in at the Hospital Wine Cellar one morning to see the wine museum with the cask still containing wine from 1472! Bottled wine was also available for purchase.

I checked knitmap.com while at the hotel and visited the shops listed. The one that appealed to me most was Elle Tricote. Unfortunately, we had endless problems getting 3G Sim card service for our smart phones so I was not able to check my patterns and buy yarn in correct quantities. But if you are a knitter and have your pattern information with you, it is worth a stop at this store.

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