June 01, 2012

The Old And The New

This sock is one of what is pretty much my favourite pair since I began sock knitting. I made them four years ago and I have worn them a lot.

It has taken four years for the heels to give way to holes. It is now time to learn how to darn!

But just in case the darning doesn't go well...
 I have had two extra balls of Regia in the yarn drawer for the last four years. Happiness is having a back up pair of your favourites!

Pattern: K7 P1 ribbing
Yarn: Regia Design Line Kaffe Fassett
Colour: Landscape Caribbean
Needles: Circular - 2.25 mm

Also New:
After fifteen years on the property, we suddenly started to have significant pooling of water on the back walkway outside the door to the basement. The old walkway, a DIY project, had settled and was sloping toward the door. That, combined with being on a hillside, and having significant deluges this past autumn (100 mm. of rain; 130 mm of rain...!) necessitated a call for professional help.
Earthcraft, a marvelous landscape company, installed a permeable paver system with a base and subbase. Even huge amounts of water can now be absorbed with ease.
The back walkway and surrounding landscaping has now been completed. The deck is still not finished. The lower latticed section still needs a door and there is a gate for the top of the stairs - but hopefully, it will be just a matter of days...

 New Lawn and Plant Bed

The New Walkway

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