October 11, 2011

Barbie's Autumn Wardrobe

Lucy Darling was eyeing a particular ball of leftover Tosh Merino Light yarn this summer when she was visiting and she suggested a couple of times that we should make a dolly scarf with it. I thought it should be saved for something a little more special and last evening, I hit upon the very thing - a chunky turtleneck for Barbie. I think she looks great in it and I even found jeans in the basement Barbie Box (The Girls 1.0) to coordinate. I hope Lucy will like it when it arrives in France!

Pattern: #2 White Sweater and Black Trousers by Sticka till Barbie
Yarn: MadelineTosh Tosh Merino Light
Color: Molly Ringwald
Needles: Dpn's and circular 2.0 mm

1 comment:

movitabeaucraft said...

Oh, man. Has is come to this? Barbie is wearing nicer sweaters than I do...