September 18, 2011

Back In Prospect

Today, we returned to Prospect and hiked for almost two hours along the coastal pathway. Just before getting in the car and driving away, we had a great conversation with the elderly woman who is responsible for the Piggy's Cove and Frogs Only parking signs we noticed on our last trip there. Patty is the former postmistress of the community. She lives alone now, in her eighties, at the bottom of the lane where the coastal walk begins and, to me, she represents the flavour of this beautiful, friendly, seaside village. A delightful lady.

And yet another example of Patty's humour:

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Kim Bee said...

Hi Rosie. Movita sent me your way. And you know when Movita talks I have to listen. I love your blog. The pics on this particular post are fantastic. Glad to meet you.