July 15, 2011

So far, the Pink Princess has:
Explored the gardens: "Rosie Beaucoup, you have the most beautiful garden in the whole world!" Now, if that wouldn't win the heart of an avid gardener!
Time spent in the garden has included running downhill, rolling, picking flowers, visiting the birdbath, looking for birds' nests (Rosie Beaucoup set one aside for her somewhere but it is now covered with huge ferns and hidden from view), lazing in a hammock, listening to the birds from a recliner on the back deck, watching Peter Rabbit from the deck as he eats the clover on the lawn - and helping Rosie Beaucoup shoo him away when he starts eating the rosebush!

Played on the electric keyboard and has had music lessons with Grandfather

Gone out for lunch at a Greek restaurant with Auntie Rachael and Bill and Rosie Beaucoup (the Pink Princess likes calamari), followed by a walk on the Halifax harbourfront. Played on a playground wooden ship and was promised a ride on Theodore Tugboat in the days ahead.

Worked with crayons, paint, markers and stickers

Played with her Townhouse/dollhouse

Played with the bubble wand
Played in her kiddie pool on the two hot days we have had so far!
Gone to Swiss Chalet for lunch, followed by a visit to the Nova Scotia Museum (favourite exhibits: live reptiles, including frogs, salamanders, toads, and snakes; marine, and wildlife). The Museum was such a hit that we had to do all the exhibits twice!
Gone to Epicurious Morsels at the Hydrostone for lunch and charmed all the customers with her good manners.
Watched a senior girls' ballet class at the Maritime Conservatory of Music and saw Auntie Rachael in her role as ballet teacher.
Gone to an Empire Theatre to watch a Winnie The Pooh movie.
Learned to feed Lucy Dog twice a day all by herself.
And the fun continues...

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movita's sister said...

Don't wear her out! Save some for me!