November 10, 2010

Send An Ark

In the last five days, it has rained, poured, showered, drizzled, and dripped. And the winds, by times, have howled. We've received 172 mm of rain. By times, part of the garden off the back steps looks like a duck pond. Thankfully, after each deluge, the earth absorbs the water and it returns to being a woodland pathway again.
Could be worse. In Yarmouth County, where my brother has a second home, they have received 223 mm of rain. Bridges and roads have been washed away.
And speaking of doggedly determined old men, I hope he has the sense to stay out of the woods in all this wet weather. We seem to be genetically drawn to the forest - he goes in during hunting season to shoot deer while I simply walk and harbour homicidal ideations because they munch on my gardens - so I understand his yearning to be in the middle of it but, since he is in recovery mode, I hope he will at least wait until it dries out again. But, alas, in this situation, if wishes were horses then beggars would ride...

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