July 28, 2010

Central Avenue

Sometimes I feel our back lawn isn't so much our private property as the area's High Street or Central Avenue. In just one week in early June, we had a black bear, several deer, a brown rabbit (aka Hop Hop; aka Peter), a huge ginger cat, and no end of birds, large and small, trekking through.
Yesterday, I glanced out the kitchen window and, lo and behold, there was a Northern Flicker pecking away in the grass. Now, they have been pounding on the roof in the spring, and their piercing call can be heard frequently as they fly to nests high in nearby trees, but I have never seen them here on the lawn and so close to the house. Apparently, they are frequent ground feeders and hunt for ants, snails, beetles, etc. They are more than welcome to any insect they out there!

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