September 14, 2009

There Is No Other City Like Paris

The Otherfords talked once of going to Paris and I hope one day they manage to take their trip. There is no other city as magical as Paris. The Louvre is an excellent starting point for strolling the section of Paris that never fails to be soul satisfying and hopelessly romantic as one traces the footsteps of the great writers, artists, philosphers, and thinkers who have called Paris home over the centuries. The architectural detail, scope, and size of the Louvre is truly amazing. We didn't go inside to look at the vast collections of art as we were greedy to see as much of that section of the city again as possible. The beautiful September days were perfect for strolling the Seine, exploring the Left Bank with its Latin Quarter, circling the Eiffel Tower, and walking Boulevards Saint Germain and Saint Michel. A third trip to the city sometime will definitely include an examination of the artwork of the Louvre as well as the work of the Impressionists housed in the Musee d'Orsay.

The Louvre

Tuileries Gardens

I love the way Parisians provide small green chairs in their gardens. Unlike park benches, they can be picked up and angled toward or away from the sun, placed for reading, snoozing, snacking, or people watching.

Luxembourg Gardens or Jardin de Luxembourg

Besides the water, palm trees, other botanical specimens, walking paths and lawns, there are statues of animals, classical and historical figures tucked periodically into the landscape.

And it was gratifying to see that long before the feminist movement, twenty statues of French queens and saints were given a prominent place, standing in rows as we strolled the park.

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