August 21, 2009

Spud & Chloe and Finnie From France

Here are three of my favourite things: Spud & Chloe yarn, the Cookie Sweater (for our little Finnie), and the nooks of crannies of my own woodland garden.

Pattern: Cookie Sweater
Source: Miss Bea's Rainy Day
Designer: Louisa Harding
Yarn: Spud & Chloe Sweater
Color: Watermelon

This Spud & Chloe yarn has produced a lot of excitement in the knitting world (my parallel universe) since its recent introduction. I discovered it on the first day the gals at The Tangled Skeins in Dartmouth put it out. It is a wool/cotton blend, soft, with good stitch definition, and comes in worsted and fingering weights and very pretty colors. And washable!

We are very lucky in this region to have such great yarn stores. It is fun to play around with and see how shockingly few yarn suppliers can be found in some major centres around the world!

In Halifax, there's the Loop Cafe on Barrington Street, L.K. Yarns with Louise in the Hydrostone, the Tangled Skeins in Dartmouth and, along the South Shore, Have A Yarn in Mahone Bay. They all have great owners and staff and a truly impressive array of products.

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