July 07, 2009

The White Period

Clematis: Duchess of Edinburgh

There are three clematis planted by the obelisk at the wellhead along the front walkway to the house. Niobe blooms profusely every year. Hagley (in honour of You-Know-Who) has only started to bloom a bit over the last couple of years. And the Duchess of Edinburgh has never, ever shown its lovely face. Until this week. In fairness to the Duchess, I have been in the habit of cutting the vines back to the ground each winter so I can wind a balsam wreath around the obelisk and the Duchess probably likes to bloom on old wood. I didn't cut the vines back entirely this past Christmas and will not do it at all now. It is so nice to see the white flowers, especially at dusk.

Like Picasso in his blue period, I am in a white phase right now. Isa has had endless patience in trolling through the websites I send her to look at yarn colors and knitting patterns for Lucy Darling. She made a list of Cascade colors she thought would be good for le petit turnip and this winter white was one of them. I enjoyed this project for Le Turnip so much that I have an urge to knit only in shades of white for the next while.

Pattern: Easy Raglan Sweater
Pattern Source: Green Mountain Spinnery
Yarn: Cascade 200 Superwash
Color: Winter White


isa said...

Masterpiece à 4 mains: You could picture a white sweater for a toddler as an invitation to share some art work. You contribute a lovely canvas, and ketchup, grass, chocolate, pencils, worms... will help turnips, sweetpeas and pumpkins add splashes of colour.

Why is there always cannelloni on the menu at daycare when Pumkin wears white??

Rosie Beaucoup said...

I think we should get a child's set of china and have "white tea" parties with the little madame. We could invite all the dollies and teddies and serve white tea, meringues, whipping cream, coconut, nougats, blanc mange, plain yogurt, and peppermints. Everyone is required to wear a white sweater. Oh, and we'll have a wee tipple of white wine - Yeah!