June 19, 2009

Garden Work

When I last saw Sophie in France, she gave me paint chips to take home as I fell in love with the blue doors and shutters of France, especially in the countryside. I haven't been able to find just the right shade for the house in order to duplicate the feeling here and I fear that in woodland Nova Scotia, the romance of the blue door is lost in translation. However, I have been able to use the blues I love so much by painting the lawn chairs and garden benches.
Color: Home Hardware Woodshield Stain (Felicity) mixed with about 1/4 cup of Sico Interior/Exterior Floor Paint (Brown)

Another ongoing project this summer is laying brick edging around all the garden beds - something I started last year. It eliminates the need to take an edging tool and refresh the seemingly miles of edges on the property a couple of times during the growing season and it makes mowing so much easier. I've laid 85 bricks so far this summer and hope to set in at least 100 more before the snow flies.

The major project this year, however, is pruning out the forest. No mean feat! I have been trimming all the evergreens from 1 foot to 5 feet from the ground, removing dead limbs, culling young trees (always painful), and, overall, reducing the forest fire risk and increasing light and air circulation throughout the woodland areas. We have taken three truckloads of forest material to the compost dump so far this summer, placed endless tied bundles out on recycling day (our neighbours let us use their allotment as well)and plan to rent a truck again for a second major overhaul. Whenever an entire tree comes down (like one growing too close to the deck), another birdhouse goes up!

And sometimes it is nice to take a break and just wander around the acre of gardens and wild growth and look at all the things tucked away in the various nooks and crannies.
Weigelia florida 'Pink Princess'

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