July 15, 2008

Kitchen Renovation - A Work in Progress

The island has been extended by 27 inches. The new section has been primed white and I am mulling over paint colors and trying to decide whether I will keep the green on the cabinets (which doesn`t show up very well in these photos) or switch to a warm, off-white. Peter, from the kitchen company who originally installed the cabinets, thinks the present green looks very good in the room and has suggested that there are, perhaps, enough white kitchens out there!
The chairs are brown leather and chrome from Backyards and Verandahs. It is so nice to be able to sit in the kitchen now and have lunch, or read the morning paper with coffee, or, as Rachael and I did on Sunday, have a game of Ginny-O at the end of the island! (We lent our original game to a friend, who never returned it. Adam and Isa, in France, found one on Ebay and kindly purchased it and had it sent to us.)

The countertoops are Antique Brown granite from Nova Tile and Marble. They have yet to return to fill and polish the only two seams in the kitchen - on either side of the sink. The granite is beautiful. There is more care involved than with other countertop materials but granite has a `wow`factor that we could not resist.

Undermount sink is a Kindred. We had not intended to install new taps but our three year old Delta set pooped out on us when the plumber tried to re-install them! We have replaced them with Moen taps - the Adeline. They are actually much nicer than the Delta and have the added convenience of a soap dispenser and a hose that moves with far more ease.

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Ginny-O rematch. This weekend.